Our Story

Crown Candle Co.is based in Bronx, NY.  All of our candles are made with 100% coconut wax which burn cleaner and brighter than any other wax type.  

 Each candle is hand poured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. 100% cotton wicks and high quality, phthalate free fragrance oils are used to ensure that our candles burn clean and produce toxin free scents.

Crown Candle Co., was born out of my desire to do something to pay homage to my grandparents who were huge influences in my life.

 My grandfather’s name was Stephen and when deciding on a name for my company, I knew I wanted it to be tied to him in some way.  So, I did some research on his name and discovered that his name meant “Crown”. Crown became the name of my business.

Why did I decide on candles?  Well, my grandmother ALWAYS loved sweet perfumes and fragrances.  She loved to smell good and she loved for her home to smell good as well!  Oftentimes, she would tell me how the scent of certain things would remind her of life in Jamaica or of a person she missed.  So for me, making candles was the perfect way to combine the things I know she loved.

 Why scents inspired by Jamaica?  Well, I am Jamaican, born and raised and so is my entire family.  Jamaica is one of THE most magical places to me.  The food, the people, the vibe, the sun, the sand, the beach, everything about the island, is like no other.  If you’ve ever been to the island, I’m sure you can agree.  When creating the first 3 scents, I knew I wanted them to be scents that could take you away to a place of relaxation and happiness.  Based on customer feedback, the scents do just that!

I take pride in our candles and I am sure that you will love and enjoy them as much as I do!